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Project TRASH

PROJECT 'TRASH' (Toilet Renovation Sanitation and Hygiene)

'TRASH' is an initiative by Anarghya, to renovate the existing toilets which are not fit for use and also to build additional toilets separately both for boys and girls studying in these three selected Government schools in Hyderabad, India.

Total Number of students covered:


2781 students belonging to classes 6th to 10th would directly be benefitted from this projects' implementation.

Why the Project 'TRASH'?


An initial Appraisal of the current state of these aforementioned schools enabled us to identify the structural inadequacies and sensitivities. Some of the existing structures are deteriorated and dilapidated projecting adverse implications on structural sensitivity and safety.


The students studying here are facing great challenges in terms of hygiene and sanitation as a result of which many students are missing their school due to ill health, lack of interest in coming to the school as they have no access to water and sanitation facilities etc.


For instance, let's look at the details of one of these government schools.

Total No. of Girls: 458

Total No. of Girls Toilets: Closed Toilets=5 and Urinals=6*

Total Number of Boys: 556

Total No. Of Boys Toilets: Closed Toilets=1 and Urinals=6*


*No water connection/clogged drains and hence are not being used by the children.

Almost all the existing Toilets need to be renovated. Assuming that all the existing toilets are renovated and made functional,

On an average one girl's toilet will be shared by 92 girls and 1 girl's urinal by 76 girls.

One boy's toilet by 556 boys and one boy's urinal by 93 boys.

Are these sufficient? Definitely Not.


Therefore, these statistics lead to the birth of the project 'TRASH', as we Anarghyans strongly believe that learning can be enhanced only when the school environment is in good condition.


Expected RESULTS of the project:


1) Separate and adequate toilets for boys and girls with hand-washing facilities.

2) MHM facilities like adequate private space, soap, water and dustbins for proper disposal of menstrual wastes.

3) Dustbins placed in the school premises ensuring clean and green environment.

4) Sufficient group hand-washing units for enabling the students wash their hands before and after their mid-day meals.

5) A dedicated team to inspect at regular intervals and ensure that the water and sanitation facilities are well maintained throughout.

6) Active participation of children in cleanliness activities at school, home and communities as they will be motivated and trained to be the agents of change for healthy habits.

7) Open defecation free schools

8) Improved health and hygiene

9) Decreased drop-out rates

10) Improved attendance

11) Better student's performance

Anarghya is determined to ensure better water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in schools in order to protect children from illnesses and help them realize their full potential while promoting equity and helping them stay dignified which ultimately contributes to the development of our nation.

Join us. Together, let’s make a difference.

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