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ANARGHYA is a registered non-profit organization that was founded by young professionals in 2016, committed to take up initiatives that bring about a sustainable change in impoverished communities through various projects.


The name ‘Anarghya’ comes from the Indian origin. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Anarghya is ‘invaluable', ‘priceless'.


This name in specific has been chosen to acknowledge the services rendered by any and every individual are priceless. Each and every bit of service counts and the invaluable contribution through our services and charity matters a lot.




VISION:  We envision a transformed society wherein every Indian is a productive member who actively contributes to the national development.


MISSION: We strive to shrink the avoidable deaths and promote resilient democratic society by creating most effective and sustainable programs empowering every citizen to realise their potential and unlock the creativity within themselves and work towards creating better and happier India.


Our Story


2015!!! Well yeah, this was the year when the idea started to float. Like minded people with good experience in the field of social service came together to do something special...something which could help in changing the minds and lives of we Indians. With the objective of transforming the way people approach the backwardness  of our country, we set on a mission to persuade them to view our country from a different angle: start loving your motherland and you will surely do something good for it.


Within days, we found our perfect team. Full of energy and enthusiasm, we set on our journey to ground our cause with more members joining in. Anarghya was finally registered in India on 8th January 2016 under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act., 2001 as 6 of 2016.


As she embarks on her journey to a prosperous future, bless her with your wishes and time. Be the extension to our story...make it your story too.




The Resilient Indian


As the nation is likely to experience more shocks and stresses in the future, with increased intensity, what will the role of an average Indian be? Will the average Indian be content with the age old habit of switching news channels just to find a new set of panellists barking at each other over a non-issue?


"No, I am a responsible Indian and would like to take up social issues instead," said the self-proclaimed Indian. Next moment he finds himself sharing a photograph on social media and pleading to donate blood. Exactly a year later he realizes he was so busy to find his niche in the world around him, he forgot there could be someone in need of him too.


"Hey man....cheer up!!!" said a voice from within.

"There's a lot of material in you and in your heart...leave your chair, go out, feel the pulse, live life for others and u will live again!!" said another.


Be Resilient.

It means not only bouncing back but also bouncing forward. Help others achieve their dreams and you'll achieve yours. Be kind and you'll appreciate why the best things in life are free.


Be a Resilient Indian and Anarghya will be your spring.


HELP US in any capacity


Anarghya is currently managed by young professionals who have been striving for the success of the organization by managing their time effectively between work and study while trying to balance their personal and professional life.


We warmly welcome any and every kind of support as we believe that together we can achieve big.


Spread the word: Too busy ? Its okay as long you let the less busy one’s know about Anarghya!


Lend a helping hand: Become a volunteer and we'll make sure you will have more reasons to smile hereafter.


Loosen your pockets: Break your piggy and fill some one’s heart with care.


Donate your special days: All these years you had a gala time on your Birthdays, Anniversary’s etc. right? Now be more happy by spreading more smiles to a needy’s face. Celebrate the best days of your year with the less fortunate one’s, we will help you feel the difference.


Plant a Tree: Grow taller than a tree by planting a tree on your birthday. We are sure you will treat it as your own all your life. Let us know and we shall provide you with our expertise.


Make your wardrobe lighter: Well, we know that piece of the jacket which your uncle bought you few years ago doesn't fit you anymore. But it does fit someone less fortunate. Let them have it. Coordinate with us.


Good at something?? Share it with us and we shall give you a wider platform to share your goodness with the affected one’s.


CSR Opportunity: Still searching for a suitable partner to spend your CSR fund’s??? We will customize a plan to suit your CSR policy. We shall maintain complete transparency.


Become a Volunteer

Registered Office

3-18-81/82 RTC Colony, Pedda Kamela, Tirumalagiri, Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500015, Telangana


P: +91 9133111125, 9133111126, 9014216901



Beneficiary Name: Anarghya

Bank Name: State Bank of Hyderabad    |    Account No.: 62457822555

Branch: SBH NIRD, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, India    |    IFSC: SBHY0020965

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Telephone: +91 9133111125, 9133111126, 9014216901


E-mail: anarghya.org@gmail.com

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